Terry Rowlyk
was established in 2004 by an instrumental music educator with a PhD in
music education and 28 years of experience in a public school setting.

Dr. Terry Rowlyk realized the need for parents and students to be able to
afford a quality musical instrument rental. And, he realized the need for
students to be able to own the instrument that they rent if they choose to
keep it.

Our specialists have a quality line of student instruments in new or
like-new condition. We also can provide specific brands of instruments
as a "custom rental" for the school programs that demand it.

At IQInstrumentRentals.com, our mission is to enhance the love and beauty of music education...one student at a time.

About Dr. Terry Rowlyk...
* Ph.D. in Music Education
* 28 years as Band Director
* Performs professionally on sax, clarinet and flute
* Has played with the likes of Rosemary Clooney, Martha & The Vandellas, Al Martino, Denis DiBlasio, Reggie Watkins, Denis Noday, John Hoey Orchestra, Al Raymond Big Band, The Next Generation Big Band, Queen Bee & The Blue Hornet Band, Dreamtime, EBE Entertainment, Countdown to Ecstasy, and performed with Will Lee (David Letterman's Bassist)

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IQ Instrument rentals Terry Rowlyk, Ph.D.